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Made with the best, by the best!

Senza Wellness Foods is a proud Australian company devoted to Gluten Free bliss for all Australians

What makes us so special? What if we told you that our creations are artfully inspired and crafted by World Pizza Champion, Andrea Cozzolino.

We use first choice ingredients and artisan methods in each of our lovingly made products. We’re not only free from gluten, but also free from any artificial additives. Each and every one of our creations are hand stretched, naturally fermented and then stone baked!

We’re not friends with gluten, and we don’t need to be. We think that we’ve mastered the art that makes our products delicious and tastier than our gluten rivals! Join us on our journey and eat well with Senza Wellness Foods.

Andrea Cozzolino


Pizza isn’t the only amazing thing born in Naples, so was our very own Master Chef Andrea Cozzolino.

In 2016 Andrea was crowned ‘Pizza Chef World Champion’ in the very same birthplace of both he and pizza, in Naples of course! The prolific competition garners international interest and participation from renowned pizza chefs across the globe striving to win the prestigious award.

Andrea’s journey began at the young age of 12 years old where he fell in love with the art form whilst working in a local pizzeria. Fast forward many years, Andrea was an established and renowned pizzaiolo in his own right. His unique talents and devotion opened doors around all of Italy working in many pizzeria’s, until seeking a bigger challenge, Andrea locked his sights on a foreign land where he fell in love with the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Andrea has worked endlessly to share his passion for authentic Gluten Free Italian food with all of Australia. At Senza, we are committed to making sure that everyone feels included when eating, and thanks to Andrea, our Gluten Free range has been adapted to the traditional way
– without leaving any of the flavour out!

Vege Pizza


Lowers Inflammation

Inflammation is the immune systems response to irritation that can be caused by consuming gluten. The inflammatory effects of gluten can cause major stomach bloating, gas, and digestive issues.

Supports Digestions

Gluten free diets can give your digestive system a rest which helps manage digestive issues.

Improves Immunity

Around 80% of the immune system is located in the gut. Gluten free eating can improve immunity.